Q-files is a digital education company that creates top-quality resources for primary and secondary schools.

Q-files is the digital arm of Orpheus Books Ltd, one of the world’s leading producers and publishers of children’s non-fiction and reference books. Q-files.com, the online library of knowledge, launched as a subscription website in September 2017.

Q-files is a comprehensive and authoritative digital learning resource, suitable for all primary and lower secondary schools. Currently consisting of some 1600 pages covering science, technology, history, geography, culture and much else, Q-files is the digital equivalent of an up-to-the-minute reference library. It fully embraces—and goes well beyond—the curriculum for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. The entire site is vetted by academic experts. Brimming with facts, diagrams and videos, Q-files contains thousands of images and now includes interactive quizzes. Schools all over the world currently subscribe to Q-files directly via the site.

Q-files provides extraordinarily wide-ranging, in-depth, easily accessible and visually appealing educational content in a student-friendly—and teacher-friendly—format.

For more information, please visit www.Q-filesEducation.com.

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