SalamanderSoft are focused on integration services, helping Schools use the data they already have to provision, maintain and manage Active Directory, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange and G-Suite for Education. Whatever your MIS, our tools ensure that students, staff, classes and timetables are always present and updated in your supporting systems.

Salamander Integration Suite enables the automatic provisioning of Active Directory, Office 365, G Suite and Apple School Manager, direct from your MIS whatever it is. At its core, it handles creation and maintenance of users and groups including the leavers process. It also supports main other features in its supported systems including, synchronising timetables to Exchange/Outlook and Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. Ensure that new users are consistently fully set up as they arrive so they can start teaching or learning immediately. Finally, everything is completely customisable so you can use whatever conventions you want.

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  • Salamander Integration Suite

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