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If the thought of upgrading your web filtering and internet security equipment sends you into financial panic, not to mention the cost of replacing a potentially out-dated server, our unique cloud-hosted service could be just what you’re looking for.

Having received multiple awards for our unique cloud-hosted web filtering and internet security solution, Schools Broadband provides affordable and reliable access to some of the world’s best filtering and security technology available to schools and MATs of all sizes.

Because we host our services in the securest of clouds, that’s just one reason we win our awards, there are no large, upfront equipment costs to pay, and we can manage everything for you, helping you save on IT staff costs too.


Find out more about our different connectivity options and how we can virtually connect all of your schools to give you central control of your filtering, firewalls and more. Perfect for schools and MATs of all sizes.  | | 01133 222 333

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