ScienceScope is a Limited based in Bath in the UK. We work across the world to develop the next generation of education systems. Technology will have an unprecedented impact on the jobs and careers of the future. The easy accessibility of tech such as maker devices and AI will enable students to build solutions which will transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

ScienceScope worked closely with the BBC to develop the micro:bit. In Singapore, we won a contract as a part of the Digital Maker Programme project to deliver 100,000 micro:bits and kits to schools and community centres. This programme includes comprehensive training across the curriculum. As part of this project, ScienceScope has launched a digital education brand called MicroMaker Education.

In addition, to micro:bit programmes we have originated the concept of IOT@School which enables students in schools across the world to share data and become data scientists.

In 2017 ScienceScope was awarded a grant from EXPO2020 Live Dubai to develop a Digital Maker and IOT@School Programme in the UAE.

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Digital Technology in Geography

The use of digital technology in the classroom is becoming a requirement from education authorities across the world and the UK independent sector is no different. ScienceScope has been working with Downside School, an independent school just outside of Bath to help them achieve this goal.

The Micro:bit at Downside School

In March of 2018, we at ScienceScope moved our base of operations to Downside School, an independent school 10 miles south west of Bath. As we specialise in developing digital technologies and resources for education, it has offered significant opportunities for us, pupils and teachers to work together on a range of new and exciting projects.