Scirra product Construct 3, a web-based 2D game creation tool, used by students, game developers and businesses around the globe. Designed to be accessible for a variety of skill levels, students learn core programming concepts using our intuitive block-based system, and can advance all the way to mastering JavaScript.

With little or even no prior programming experience, learners are quickly able to create simple, engaging games. Motivated by early accomplishment, they progress to ever more complex thinking, with the help of: easy-to-follow Event sheets, an in-line commenting system, pre-built behaviors, which can be further customized, and much more. Construct 3 helps teachers scaffold critical programming concepts, like input-output, sequential logic, variables, conditions, boolean logic, data structures, loops, functions, and more. Construct 3 also offers in-line JavaScript integration, allowing students to write their first line of code, and go on all the way up to entire scripts .

Best of all, Construct 3 is web-based, so it runs on almost any device with no installation required, including Windows, Mac, Linux and, of course, Chromebooks. Construct 3 offers native support in over 10 languages, and comes built-in with an enormous bank of tutorials, example projects, a full manual, and even a 2-Unit starter curriculum, aligned to CSTA standards.

Game development software that keeps kids coding!

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