As huge technology fans, we wanted to infect others with our passion and show off it’s capabilities and versatility, especially when it comes to education. We created an educational laboratory – SkriLab – based on 3D printing, programming and robotics. The laboratory includes, among others: 3D printer, educational robots, building blocks, online tools for 3D modeling and Skriware Academy – an online platform dedicated to teachers. SkriLab is suitable for 8 lesson subjects such as biology, maths, geography, physics, chemistry, early school education, IT or technique. Main goal of SkriLab is to develop creativity, independent problem solving and critical thinking skills using modern tools to create hands-on experience.


With the current technological advancement and its speed, most educational models worldwide are not really suited for challenges that students will face when they enter the future job market. Our goal is to spark their interest in learning and ignite passion in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics). Using modern hardware and software combined with a suitable curriculum we believe Skriware can make education fun and well adapted to the needs of 21. century. It is a perfect combination to engage children and prepare them for the challenges of today’s world.


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