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SolarNet Communications Ltd

member since 2023

SolarNet offer consultancy services & products covering all aspects of IT & cybersecurity for all educational sectors.

SolarNet’s IT consultancy service draws on our in-depth knowledge & expertise gained over decades of providing IT consulting services. Bringing experience from across a multitude of industries so that we can supply expert advice & guidance, without the jargon, to support you with the day to day running of your busy IT department.

Our goals are simple, we want to:

• Deliver IT inline with safeguarding policies
• Ease the burden on IT departments
• Help obtain & maintain IT compliance
• Identify & resolve IT vulnerabilities and risks
• Prevent data breaches
• Protect current & future assets
• Stop cyber threats from becoming a reality

All of these goals can be achieved by combining SolarNet’s services & experience in automation solution engineering along with cost effective technology provided by our partners & our joint awareness of emerging technologies whether that be on-premise or in the cloud.

SolarNet pride ourselves on enabling you to gain measurable time and cost savings through the automation of IT tasks:

• Asset discovery & management
• Attack surface management
• Cybersecurity assessments & incident response plans
• Endpoint protection
• IT Compliance
• Vulnerability detection and remediation
• Workflow Automation

Our aim is to help you gain clarity over your IT needs by “Providing solutions for tomorrow’s problems”.

Own Brands

Supplier Brands

  • Chromebooks, Notebook PCs, iOS and Android Tablets, AdamOne, AdamGo, RebaSoft IT Asset Management, Toca Workflow Automation

Early Years

  • Yes