Spellzone is an online resource which unlocks the mystery of English spelling.

It has three main components: The Spelling Ability Test, a complete spelling course and 1000’s of word lists.

Spellzone is non-patronising and is adaptable for all abilities. It is used by students aged seven to adult in schools, colleges, work place, home and on mobile devices.

The Spelling Ability Test provides students with baseline scores and individual learning pathways. Automatic retesting keeps them on track with little intervention.

The phonics-based spelling course covers all of the English spelling rules and includes the differences between British and American English spelling and much more.

Teaching text includes definitions, sentence context and learning tips. There are lots of multi-sensory activities and tests with a high level of teaching, learning, practice and revision. All activity and results are logged so teachers can evaluate progress at any time.

Structured access to word lists makes Spellzone ideal for dyslexic and EFL students. All word lists can be used with spelling activities and games, translated into 92 languages and printed for off-line practice, including handwriting worksheets.

Teachers can create their own subject specific word lists. These can be set as classroom or homework tasks for individual learners or whole classes. Perfect for exam preparation!

Free trials available for single students, private tutors, home, schools and other organisations.

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