Trusted by teachers and loved by children, Sumdog is an online learning platform designed to build children’s confidence and close the attainment gap. Engage children with fun and motivating games whilst you identify gaps, target learning and monitor pupils’ progress in maths and English.

Sumdog’s game-based learning, founded on extensive research in schools, is designed to motivate all pupils. The unique learning engine adapts questions personally to each individual, progressing them through the National Curriculum at their own pace. This keeps children motivated and builds their confidence as their mastery of the subject improves.

You can also set formative assessments to test individuals’ mastery of key skills, providing you with powerful and insightful reports to target interventions and inform future teaching. The automatic marking also saves you valuable time!

The new Times Tables Challenges feature helps to develop children’s number fluency. The easy-to-use, free tool, enables you to quickly set targeted times tables practice, whilst children are free to choose which game they want to play alongside the questions.

Sumdog has the power to truly engage children and to help every pupil reach their full potential.



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