Sundeala Ltd have been manufacturing environmentally sustainable notice board material in the UK since 1937.

Sundeala board is made from recycled paper fibres and river water and complies with all UK corporate, government and local authority environmental policy statements.

Sundeala is the largest notice board manufacturer in the UK and supplies dry wipe whiteboards, pin boards, lockable tamperproof boards and a variety of mobile notice board and portable whiteboard products to thousands of UK schools.

Sundeala offer a range of fire retardant notice boards that strictly conform to the recommendations for school buildings laid out in the BB100. Our FRB range, classified for use in fire escape routes, circulation areas and stairwells, fulfils the criteria for BE EN 13501-1 Class B and helps to ensure the fire safety of buildings.

Sundeala notice board is durable and school safe, offering enhanced retention of pins and staples and featuring a 25 year surface guarantee.

Own Brands

  • Sundeala, Writing Wall, FRB, ColourBoard

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Early Years

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