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Tassomai: The Learning Program

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Tassomai is an adaptive learning program for KS3 and KS4 using retrieval practice and AI to teach science, maths, English, history, geography, computer science, and languages.

We believe that there is a better way for students to prepare for exams; that any student can achieve a top grade given the right support, and that teachers want to spend more time helping students and less time doing admin.

Tassomai’s adaptive algorithm tailors itself to the user, targeting areas where they are weakest and reinforcing their understanding of the subject.

Whilst students learn, teachers can immediately see where students are excelling or struggling, and can explore this data down to the finest level of topic detail. They can quickly see which students need particular attention, targeting intervention and therapy where needed and maximising time spent with students.

  • Board-specific, multiple choice micro-quizzes, written by subject specialists
  • Builds knowledge, boosts confidence
  • Reduces stress & cramming
  • Courses for GCSE & Common Entrance

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Less paperwork, more learning

How Tassomai helped us cut down on marking and spend more time on teaching. By Laura Foulsham, Head of Science at St. John Bosco College

How Tassomai helped my students get more A’s and B’s (and I ended up in A&E)

Following a Pixl meeting in December 2015 my Deputy Headteacher told me we were going to introduce this ‘thing’ called Tassomai. She asked whether I, as Director of Science, could ‘get my head round it’ and get all the year 11 students signed up before Christmas.

“The Cheese Factor” Top Tips for Implementing EdTech in School

Technology in schools can make a massive difference, improving outcomes for pupils and making teachers’ lives easier.  But EdTech isn’t a silver bullet - the key to impact and efficacy comes down to successful implementation and that involves collaboration between teachers and technology providers.

Closing the Pupil Premium attainment gap with Tassomai

As educators are well aware, interventions that make a real difference specifically for their most disadvantaged students are hard to...