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Our high-quality, exam-board-specific video tutorials and quizzing enable students to learn at their own pace. Teachers save time through automated assignment setting, tracking and marking and get an in-depth analysis of their studentsā€™ performance.

On TheEverLearner.com, students can watch, pause and re-watch tutorials, take and save online notes, practise their understanding in a low-stakes environment and then move on to high-stakes testing once the knowledge is consolidated. This opportunity to develop understanding at a completely personalised pace makes TheEverLearner.com the ideal tool for flipped and blended classrooms, as well as a fantastic homework and revision companion for the more traditional classroom.
Meanwhile, teachers save time by automatically setting, tracking, chasing and marking assignments. All of the studentsā€™ activity is recorded on the Live Data tracker, on the Progress tracker and on the Assignments markbook, so that teachers, heads of department and senior leadership staff can have a view of overall performance and progress as well as very detailed and granular information about individuals.

We already work with over 400 secondary schools and colleges in the UK and internationally, whose students have benefitted from the best opportunity to achieve mastery in their subjects. We currently provide GCSE courses for PE, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, History, English Literature, Spanish, French and A-Level and BTEC PE.

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