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The Wellbeing Hub works to prevent mental ill-health in children and young people.

We know, from over a decade of working with young people, that by tweaking the environments at home and in school, we can prevent many young people from developing mental health difficulties or needing therapy. It is this positive approach to mental health which led to the creation of The Wellbeing Hub.

The Wellbeing Hub is a live and interactive web app for whole school communities to access, with a Staff Hub, Parents’ Hub, Pupil Hub (13+) and Junior Pupil Hub (10+). Via these distinct Hubs we deliver evidenced based support and advice, through podcasts, online courses for parents and staff, webinars, live Q&As, Q&A libraries, careers advice, PSHE resources, access to specialists, and much more.

The Wellbeing Hub is currently impacting more than 78,000 pupils in over 130 schools in the UK.

Because we believe that all those looking after children and young people should have access to this level of professional, evidenced based support and advice any independent school that comes on board The Wellbeing Hub can gift it to a maintained school of a similar size for free.

We want to work with schools to provide this form of early intervention education for whole school communities. We are on a mission is to positively impact the lives of as many young people as possible.

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