At Wizenoze we have developed a solution that delivers a curated collection of open source content that us reliable, relevant and readable and built specifically for primary school, secondary school and vocational learners.

Web for Classrooms is English language library of over 30 million web pages that are both teacher approved and AI graded for individual reading levels.
91% of students demonstrated greater progress towards their learning outcomes when using Web for Classrooms and it is available today for students to access at home, or be integrated into any school LMS or digital platform

We enable students to interact with content that is designed to help them learn more deeply by allowing them to engage, and explore topics in an interactive way that they find fun. Our content is curated for their age, curated by subject and from a trusted source.

Wizenoze is a B2B EdTech company and we provide our solutions through business partners, Ministries of Education, content providers and publishers.

Own Brands

  • Wizenoze, Web for Classrooms, Web for BTEC, Web for Professionals

Supplier Brands

Early Years

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