Announcing our new online education technology lending platform – LendED.org.uk

Image of LendED homepage

LendED enables you to search, preview and test education technology products before you buy them, so you can be sure they will meet your needs. It’s free to use and every product that features on LendEd is available on a free trial basis.

  • Free online lending portal with over 100+ reputable suppliers
  • Case studies, testimonials and reviews offer evidence of impact
  • Every product available to try before you buy
  • Free to use – LendED is a not-for-profit initiative
  • Products that deliver from reliable suppliers

LendED has been developed in association with the Department for Education, in response to Damian Hinds’ call for technology companies to better support schools. It features products and services from existing Besa members, giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with trustworthy suppliers. There are over 200 products from more than 100 different suppliers featured on the site and this list is growing all the time.

How to use LendED

  • Go online lended.org.uk
  • Search the portal – you can search by product name or category (assessment, inclusion, leadership and management, safeguarding, teaching and learning)
  • Find a resource – read the case studies and testimonials to see how other teachers have benefitted
  • Take a free trial – try the products in your school to find out how well they match your requirements
  • Leave a review on the site – share your experience with your peers, to help them in making their selections


If you are a full BESA member and would like your products to be featured on the LendED website, then please email info@lendED.org.uk for further details.