23 Jul 2020

Using public data to understand schools in England

In this talk, Timo Hannay, founder of SchoolDash, draws upon case studies from a wide variety of initiatives with vendors, charities, policy-makers and media organisations to show just what it's possible to discover and how to go about it.

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22 Jul 2020

How can EdTech tools better meet the needs of disadvantaged young people?

Nesta Education discuss how the use of technology disproportionately supports more advantaged young people, the barriers that need to be overcome, and the potential that EdTech holds to act in closing the attainment gap, rather than widening it.

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16 Jul 2020

What do education sector journalists want?

Journalists from some of the leading education sector media joined us for this session to discuss how they have been covering education during lock down, how they work and their main areas of interest. Find out how to pitch ideas, when to get in touch and what their plans are for the new school year.

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14 Jul 2020

Physical resource market – School spending during COVID-19

Richard Connor presents an update on the marketplace for product purchasing by schools and what schools think will happen to procurement over the summer period and into the new academic year. We are then joined by a panel of BESA members on their experiences to date and expectations for the near future.

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09 Jul 2020

BESA Open Day

We invite members and prospective members to join us, where there is a chance to meet the BESA team and learn more about the benefits of membership, as well as receiving an update on the UK education system.

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29 Jun 2020

International markets – India

This webinar presents an overview of the opportunities and barriers to doing business in India. We are joined by Sarah Chidgey, Asia Lead at the Department for International  Trade (DIT) as well as commercial officers in market. 

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25 Jun 2020

From free to fee

Practical tips to help convert your free subscribers to fee-paying customers. 

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23 Jun 2020

Engaging with Educators

This workshop will provide you with an engaging and practical guide to navigating this new landscape, focusing on engaging educators and building a sustainable business for the future.  

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18 Jun 2020

Redefining the customer experience

This webinar hosted by Jo Marshall, VP for the Institute of Customer Service and Executive Director of YPO, aims to help members understand the value of the customer experience, particularly in the current climate.

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18 Jun 2020

Funding your company

This session advises and guides companies on how to secure suitable financial backing to scale their business, manage resource and company culture during this changing landscape, and offer guidance on how to sell to schools. 

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16 Jun 2020

School provision, use and spending on EdTech in this period of learning disruption

Hear Richard Connor present newly published research findings on EdTech experiences from maintained schools in England. Then take the opportunity to hear from leading EdTech companies about their own experiences.

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10 Jun 2020

Getting back to business

Ward Hadaway, one of the UK's Top 100 law firms, and a major player in the North of England, joins us to discuss and answer questions about getting back to business. With thousands of employees working from home, companies are beginning to prepare plans to get their teams back into the office, when lockdown is eased. 

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03 Jun 2020

Supporting wellbeing through Covid-19

This webinar provides a wealth of practical advice and support to companies and individuals while working remotely. The session will cover a number of topics including: surviving lockdown; directing through Covid-19: how to keep calm when customers may be losing theirs and w hen HR isn't HR as we know it: leading Company HR through Covid-19.

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26 May 2020

Understanding school spending

Alexander Shea, BESA's Senior Policy Analyst, hosts this webinar about how school income and expenditure is changing. This webinar builds an understanding of how the nature of school income and expenditure is changing at both the system level and for individual schools.

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14 May 2020

Making the most of exhibitions

Are you making the most of the exhibitions you attend? Join us on this webinar to hear from exhibitors and exhibition organisers alike about how to maximise your presence at exhibitions around the world.

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07 May 2020

BESA Open Day

Several sessions providing you with the opportunity to meet the BESA team, learn more about the benefits of membership, and receive an update on the UK education system.

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06 May 2020

The art of networking

Entering a room full of strangers can feel daunting at the best of times. The thought of then navigating that room in order to make new contacts and spot future business opportunities can send some people into a cold sweat  - and yet others make it look so easy. What's their secret?

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05 May 2020

International Markets – South East Asia

An overview of the opportunities and barriers to doing business in South East Asia. In particular, topics covered will include the Department for International Trade's ASEAN campaign, how it works and how it can help British education providers.

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01 May 2020

Ofsted framework

The new  Ofsted framework has changed schools' approach to assessment, data collection and tracking pupil progress. How does this affect suppliers?

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08 Apr 2020

GDPR post Brexit

Amid news that Google is the latest in a string of corporations who will no longer apply GDPR protections to British citizens from 1 January 2021, this webinar discusses how your company can comply with data protection requirements both at home and abroad after Brexit.

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