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We are proud to support The William Wates Memorial Trust for 2019/20.

The William Wates Memorial Trust exists to celebrate the life of William Wates, who was tragically killed when travelling in Central America during his gap year in 1996.

His family: parents, brothers, set up the Trust in 1998 as a Grants Giving registered charity with the mission to help the most disadvantaged young people to keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. This is mainly achieved by supporting charities that engage young people through the mediums of sport, arts and education. The Trust has awarded over £2.5 million of grants since 2006.

The Trust is currently funding 25 projects throughout the UK. Projects such as the Lewisham Youth Theatre that helps young people explore their emotions through drama and discover their talents; the Pilton Youth and Children’s project in Edinburgh – a youth club that focusses on alternatives to crime; Ride High in Milton Keynes – a riding stables where seriously isolated children build relationships with the horses, that then enable them to communicate with friends, family and carers… and Carney’s Community – a boxing club that teaches youngsters about discipline, respect and boundaries.

The Trustees take on charitable projects as “champions” and oversee them from start to finish. This close relationship with each charity means the Trust has a really good understanding of what works in this sector, and can ensure that funds are well targeted. The results are life changing, both for the youngsters, and the people their behaviours impact – family, school and the wider community. These are vulnerable young people who desperately need stability, support, encouragement, new skills and empathy, and who find those things provided by the charities that the Trust supports.

The William Wates Memorial Trust doesn’t have any direct employees and so have low overheads, ensuring the vast majority of the funds raised go to the charities they support. Their principal annual fundraiser is the incredible Le Loop cycling event which gives cyclists the opportunity to ride all or part of the Tour de France route each year, cycling 1 week ahead of the pro race. The participants of Le Loop raise around £395,000 each year. BESA’s very own Ceri Stone from Smart Kids will be tackling all 21 stages of Le Tour this summer.

“We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as BESA’s charity of the year. Support like this enables us to fund the critical work that supports so many young people in the UK who haven’t had the opportunities that many of us take for granted. It gives them a chance to live rewarding lives, full of potential. Thank you to BESA for supporting us and to Ceri who is undertaking this huge physical and mental challenge on behalf of WWMT. Every penny he raises will be well deserved!”Rick Wates, WWMT Trustee

The William Wates Memorial Trust have many ideas and projects to help young people throughout the year. To find out more visit the website at The William Wates Memorial Trust.

BESA is proud to be supporting this amazing charity that makes a difference to so many peoples lives. At the forthcoming Education Resources Awards 2019 evening there will be a collection for the charity.

Every year BESA chooses a new charity, so if you are interested in putting forward your organisation as a potential partner please contact comms@besa.org.uk