BESA is governed and accountable to an Executive Council of elected representatives from the UK education suppliers industry, with council members serving terms of three years.

Our current Executive Council can be viewed here.

Our Annual Report can be viewed here.

Available for download below are:

  • BESA’s memorandum and articles of association which are a requirement for a company formed in the UK under the Companies Act. The memorandum of association is the document that sets up the company and the articles of association set out how the company is run, governed and owned. The articles of association will therefore include the responsibilities and powers of the directors and the means by which the members exert control over the board of directors.
  • BESA Data Protection Policy
  • BESA Records Management Policy
  • BESA Equal Opportunity Policy
  • BESA Environmental Policy
  • BESA Member Complaints Procedure (complaints against a Member of BESA or a Launchpad company)
  • BESA Complaints Procedure (complaints against a member of the BESA Secretariat, Director General or member of the BESA Executive Council)
  • BESA Risk Policy
  • BESA Competition Law Compliance Policy
  • BESA Register of Pecuniary Interests
  • BESA Principles of Diversity & Inclusion