Helping educational suppliers increase their sales to schools

There are many reasons why educational suppliers choose to join BESA. For some, it is the chance to meet and network with like-minded companies, for others it is the opportunity to understand and feed into educational policy. But for the vast majority, it is a desire to build stronger relationships with schools, and ultimately make more sales, that is the key driver.

One of our most popular events has always been our Selling to Schools conference. Regularly oversubscribed and always in demand, this event has aimed to help shed some light on ways to get started. However, this half-day conference was only ever able to scratch the surface and we know that many companies want something more – more detail, more knowledge, more practical.

That’s why we are launching our new Selling to Schools training day which is running virtually on 13 July. Picking up where our previous event left off, this new one-day event will give your team the skills and knowledge they need to make more sales. We’ve scheduled the event to enable you to put what you learn on the day into action ready for the busy back to school period in September.

Good sales training is hard to find, and particularly training that is specific to the peculiarities of the schools market, so we have teamed up with the Education Company to approach people and companies who we know are doing it well, to get them to share their secrets and impart their expertise on a range of core skills that every sales person needs to master. Every session comes complete with an actionable checklist so delegates can put their learning into practice the very next day. The agenda includes:

·      Understanding your product and the problems it solves for schools

·      Recruiting great salespeople – and avoiding the duds

·      The ultimate sales toolkit – the gifts and tools you must give your salespeople

·      Six psychology models every salesperson much know

·      Measure (and incentivise) what matters – a master class for sales managers

·      Remote selling – from telephone to Teams and beyond

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