TES Global is a digital education company that has been supporting educators for over 100 years.

We exist for teachers: to free and empower them to do what they do best – teach. We support and connect teachers and schools worldwide, helping them to improve children’s lives through education.

With more than 13.7m teachers in our online community and working relationships with 25,000 schools in over 100 countries, Tes has the scale to make a difference. Tes helps schools find the teachers they need; it brings new teachers into the profession through initial teacher training; it provides teachers with continuous professional development and tools to help them succeed in the classroom; it brings educators together online so they can share expertise and it provides them with vital news and information about education.

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Teacher wellbeing stuck in a rut as school budgets take their toll

The annual Tes School Wellbeing Report released on Tuesday shows that amid a budget crisis in schools, unrelenting workload and...