Music education needs to be fought for!

At the end of July, Tes published this article in which a former director of music highlights how disastrous the school funding cuts can be for the future of music. “Music needs time, it needs support, it needs flexibility, it needs money. It needs to be valued and it needs to be protected and fought for,” Phillip Viveash wrote.

The lack of resources in schools means music is in trouble. Musician Phil Bates, who signed BESA’s Resource Our Schools campaign, sadly agrees:

“Music resources have been consistently and systematically cut over a period of several years to the cost of ALL involved in education. The provision of music in schools is NOT a luxury, but a necessity which aids students, and wider learning.”

The UK is renowned the world over for its high standard of education and there is a voracious demand for UK educational resources, technology, and talent overseas. As schools benefit from the UK’s leadership in education across the globe, it is of the greatest importance that pupils across the UK do as well.

Sign and support BESA’s Resource Our Schools campaign to ensure every school has access to the resources they need to deliver the education our children deserve.

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