‘Dear Parents…If you want to rescue your child’s education, you need to tell government “enough is enough”‘

This story featured in the TES and looks at the current state of the teaching profession and lack of funding schools face which relates to the Resource Our Schools campaign that is encouraging the next government to take resourcing seriously.

“One educationist drafts a letter explaining to parents the crisis in education – and calls upon them to tell Westminster that they want more for their children.

I have played, I would like to think, a full part in our education system over the past 38 years. As such, I have seen many highs and many lows. Only now, however, do I think it’s essential for the sector to write to all parents up and down the country to state what is happening today to the schools to which they entrust the education of their children.

How about this for a draft? 

Dear Parents,

As you drop your children off to their schools this week, are you aware that the teaching profession at the moment is truly on its knees? Every single teacher in those schools wants the best for your child, but – because of constant meddling from many external agencies – what should be a fantastic experience for your child is anything but.

Pupils are transported along a conveyor belt of continual assessment within the narrow curriculum now being offered. The ideology of the present government does not see your child as a wonderful individual but rather a statistical data point. The education system has become so fractured at present, it is hard to see how it can be repaired. And the recent Budget has done little to improve the situation.”

Read the full article here published on 10 April 2017.