‘The dedication of teaching assistants is the foundation for most good teaching. And yet they are being cut’

The below article written in the TES highlights the impact what budget cuts are having on staff recruitment at schools. This relates to the BESA Resource Our Schools campaign encouraging government to address resourcing into schools.

“With budget cuts looming, teaching assistants are the first to go – ‘hollowing out the very core of our schools’. This will prove to be a disaster for education, writes one celebrated head writes. When I started my first headship over 25 years ago, there were just two teaching assistants in the school of nearly 400 pupils.

One was kind enough to ask my preference when it came to hot drinks and ensured that my cup was always full, and then sorted out the dinner ladies (I must admit that is something to be missed); while the other tidied the staffroom, photocopied for England and ensured that the biscuit barrel was always full.”

Read the full article here published on 5 April 2017.