The NAHT signs the BESA Resource Our Schools statement

BESA today welcomed the fact that the NAHT are supporting the ‘Resource Our Schools’ campaign. We are pleased to have the NAHT on board and are grateful for them joining us in this important initiative.

“Schools are currently being expected to make £3bn of savings by 2020. These reductions put the stability of the whole education system at risk. NAHT’s Breaking Point Survey from January 2017 revealed that eight out of ten school leaders are cutting back on equipment in order to balance their budgets. Six out of ten are cutting back on the hours worked by support staff. Support staff are crucial to making sure that all pupils in the class can participate fully in practical subjects like science and technology. Any future government needs to commit to fund education fully and fairly, reversing the £3bn real terms cuts that schools are facing.”

Russell Hobby, General Secretary, NAHT