Schools face years of funding cuts if Tories win election, says thinktanks

The article below from The Guardian published on May 26th talks about how a Tory government and its national funding formula will cause huge problems for schools in terms of budget cuts over the next few years.

Schools in England will face real-terms funding cuts for years to come if the Conservatives win the general election, according to analyses by two thinktanks.

The figures show year-on-year falls over the coming parliamentary term despite a Conservative manifesto promise to redirect £1bn in additional funding to state schools by slashing free school meals for infants.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said that school funding would fall by nearly 3% by 2021 even with the additional £1bn a year, after adjusting for inflation and a rise in students enrolled.

Take a look at the full article written by Richard Adams here.