About the Great British Classroom

The Great British Classroom is an initiative of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), the trade body representing 400+ of the UK’s world leading education companies.

Running as part of trade shows showcasing the Best of British products and services, the Great British Classroom recreates an entire classroom on the exhibition floor.

Filled with cutting-edge EdTech and classroom materials, teachers deliver live lessons with students from the local country, making it a lively and engaging addition to any exhibition.

Dr Liam Fox is shown the Great British Classroom during the Qatar Mission, March 2017.

BESA liaises with a wide range of UK education suppliers to ensure that their products are on display at the classroom – wherever in the world the trade exhibition is taking place, and will work closely with the Department for International Trade to ensure the classroom meets the specifications of the host country.

Teachers deliver live lessons to local pupils with cutting-edge British resources.

Government ministers and educationalists alike say that the Great British Classroom is a highlight of trade exhibitions – it brings British educational resources to life, and demonstrates their adaptability and appeal to local markets around the world.

For more information, contact William Prieto-Parra