Rachel Keeling Nursery is an Ofsted outstanding school, based in Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets in the heart of the East End of London.  The Nursery has been having issues with their server, resulting in it needing constant rebooting which in turn has caused problems for the staff as time is wasted getting the system up and running. 

Also being a Nursery a lot of the evidence being collected by teachers to use for assessments and Ofsted were in the form of digital pictures, which were taking up a lot of storage space and costing the school money as they were paying for this to be backed up off site.  Rachel Keeling Nursery School will require a method of storage that is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than their current method. 

The Solution

The result in the condition of the Server ended up in its failure.  The Nursery contacted Levett Consultancy, as their Support Partner, and we’re looking for an immediate solution.  Levett Consultancy responded and advised the Nursery to utilise the already provisioned Google Drive which will give unlimited Storage to the Nursery at a zero cost as they are an Education customer and will, therefore, be eligible for G Suite for Education.  Also within the solution process, Levett Consultancy supplied a new server and migrated the relevant information and data from the old one in order to support customer business continuity and prevent any interruption to normal workflow.

The Outcome

Through the continued relationship and support from Levett Consultancy, Rachel Keeling Nursery, in the face of a data outage experienced minimal downtime, the implementation of a new server along with the resilience and back up of using Google Drive.  This was implemented efficiently and followed by accurate and useful training to allow for members of staff to make the most of their new solution.  Not only was a new solution deployed, meeting Rachel Keeling Nursery’s specific requirements, but with the usage of Google Drive, it has also made the Nursery more efficient and collaborative with shared access and storage of their photo library.

Levett Consultancy kept me informed throughout the process, with reassurance all was in hand along with breaking down the technical jargon so that everyone could understand it.  Levett Consultancy engineers were fantastic!  For building our new server and getting us up and running, despite our constant interruptions because we needed help” said Pam Jones, Nursery School Business Manager.

Rachel Keeling Nursery is pleased with the services that they continue to receive in addition to the response times of Levett Consultancy and their Support Team, in light of the recent issues faced, this reaffirms that they correct to put their support needs in the hands of Levett Consultancy and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.