EdTech’s role in delivering adult learning

22 September 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated already changing trends in working and learning.


2pm - 3pm


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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated already changing trends in working and learning.


Millions of individuals were furloughed or lost their jobs, many more had to adjust to work from home, while others continued to work but under new guidelines and protocols. 

As the changes to working patterns continue, more adults will be turning to education to either reskill or gain new qualifications. The challenge is not only to re-engage a broader cohort of adults into education but also to enable EdTech solutions that meet the needs and diversity of learners.

This event will bring together parliamentarians, researchers, and organisations to examine EdTech’s role in delivering adult learning. The session will also reflect on:

  • The deployment of EdTech in delivering adult learning and its potential to reduce unemployment, increase social mobility and improve the quality of lives.
  • Understanding barriers to adult learning and EdTech: lack of confidence and poverty issues.
  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of work.
  • The importance of creating flexible learning environments.
  • Examining EdTech innovations and the skills sector.


Confirmed speakers:

Luc Yao, Visiting Fellow, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Dr Fiona Aldridge, Director for Policy and Research, Learning and Work Institute

Nick Barratt, Director of LDS (Learner and Discovery Services), The Open University

Chris Quickfall, CEO, Cognassist

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