World class skills for international educators – TILT Taster Session

26 April 2022

Delivering outstanding courses for different cultural audiences takes a special skillset. The unique TILT training programme will help.


9:30am - 11am


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Free for BESA members

Delivering outstanding courses for different cultural audiences takes a special skillset. The unique TILT training programme will help.


Limited to just 12 participants, this will be a fully interactive 90 minute session for BESA Members only. 

Taster Take-Aways

  • Training strategies to raise engagement – some of Sterling’s simple techniques to use with second language speakers to ensure they’re listening, participating and, most importantly, learning.
  • Cultural catastrophe avoidance – mistakes made every day by even the most experienced educators in an international environment and what to do instead.
  • Linguistic mindfulness – how to strip back your language for the benefit of all learners, but especially second language speakers
  • Full TILT programme information – more details on what the full TILT programme includes, plus a discount on the next course starting at the end of April for your members.

About Sterling Training
Sterling Training delivers top quality management, sales, soft skills and trainer training. So what makes us different from any other training company? It’s HOW we do what we do. We deliver learner-centred training that’s exciting and challenging. That means learning goes deeper and lasts longer. We are passionate about not just increasing your staff’s effectiveness but also their happiness. We focus on what’s best for you, not just the answer you’re looking for. We are positive, prompt and excited by customers. We pay attention to detail, only deliver quality and like to think we have a good sense of humour too.

• International training specialists
• Unique development programme
• 1,000+ trainers and educators trained
• Face to face and live online capability

Meet the speaker

Richenda Askew

Richenda has trained managers and clinical staff in the NHS, teachers in many countries including Jordan, Turkey and Palestine and international instructors and trainers in the Armed Services and commercial companies. A highly qualified professional, Richenda has always grasped opportunities to develop her skills as a trainer. Her qualifications range from a clinical degree in Speech & Language Therapy, to an HR qualification from CIPD, as well as a PGCE and several English Language Teaching qualifications. Most recently, she has qualified as an ICQ Global DISCTM Licensed Practitioner. In her current role, she is actively involved in the design and delivery of a variety of training programmes in the UK and abroad for teachers, trainers and military ‘students’.  Sterling Training’s learner-centred approach to training is driven by Richenda’s knowledge and passion for this approach, encouraging active participation and enthusiasm for learning in all who attend our courses.


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