Webinar: From free to fee

15 July 2021

Practical tips to help convert your free subscribers to fee-paying customers. 


11am - 12:30pm


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Free for BESA members

Practical tips to help convert your free subscribers to fee-paying customers. 



Do you use free as a hook for new customers?
Offering free trials, samples and 'lite' versions of products are all recognised strategies for attracting new customers and many companies have provided free access to their online resources for the first time as a response to the pandemic. But what happens when the free period is over, how do you maximise conversion rates and ensure free customers become fee-paying customers? How do you gently persuade schools to start paying for your resources without losing the goodwill you have built up?
If 'free' is a new approach for you, or if you want to optimise your existing marketing tactics, then this webinar is here to help. Here you will get practical tips and strategies you can put into action the very next day. The session will cover:
  • Know your customers – how to identify those most likely to subscribe…
  • …and what to do with the rest
  • What to add (or take away) to help persuade them
  • How to create urgency
  • How do you know it’s going to work?
  • And what to do if it doesn’t.


This seminar will last 90 minutes including a Q&A session. Send in your question in advance to Yasmin and Julia will answer your query on the day.


Julia Garvey is Deputy Director General at BESA. Before that she worked as a freelance marketing consultant helping EdTech companies and content providers to develop effective marketing strategies. She was marketing lead at revision app Gojimo, Head of Marketing at GL Assessment and worked for many years at primary publisher Rising Stars.



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