“Best Product for Teaching, Learning and Assessment” – fifth year running!

Learning Ladders is delighted to be shortlisted as the “Best Product for Teaching, Learning and Assessment” for the fifth year...
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“High performance should be a normal and natural goal for all students” – Q&A with Wendy Berliner and Deborah Eyre

Wendy Berliner and Deborah Eyre are the authors of a new book, Great Minds and How to Grow Them. Gathering the latest neurological and psychological research, they explore the idea that most children are capable of reaching high levels of performance if they acquire the learning techniques of the gifted and talented. This handbook explains … Continued

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“Resource Our Schools” campaign highlights funding gap in UK schools

The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has today launched a new campaign to highlight the impact of the sharp drop...
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2014 EPC Mathematics Programmes of Study – DfE update

This document from the Department for Education reviews their current global position within the PISA 2012 mathematics performance charts. It highlights the key changes to primary and secondary curriculum as well as the implementation strategy for the future.

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2014 EPC Mathematics Programmes of Study – Resourcing The New Curriculum

This document summarises the reasons for and aims of the new EPC Mathematics curriculum before suggesting the best resources teachers can use to teach most effectively.

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2014 EPC Mathematics Programmes of Study – Suggestions for Resources

This document summarises the suggestions for resources that have been collected from teachers and other professionals.

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2014 EPC Mathematics Programmes of Study – Thinking behind the national curriculum

This document summarises the aims and implications of the new 2014 EPC Mathematics Programmes of Study.

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25 years of BESA research on ICT use in schools 2015

Here in the UK, computer technology has played a central part in the drive to raise standards in schools to meet the new challenges. As a result, the country can claim to be one of the world leaders in seeking to harness new technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. This report provides … Continued

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3P Learning and Gooseberry Planet join forces in anti-bullying week

3P Learning, provider of award-winning online educational maths and literacy resources for children aged 2- 14, is proud to announce...
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3P Learning wins International Digital Education Resource at Bett Awards

3P Learning, creators of award-winning online maths and literacy resources, designed to help children gain confidence in their reading, writing,...
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