Content Creator – Twin Science

Content Creator – Twin Science


Date Ending

March 25, 2022

Who? Excited & knowledgeable experts from any subject area who care about the bigger problems our world is facing.

Why? Inspire the next generation of change-makers

How? By making learning fun & relatable 

What? Share your expertise with 7 to 12 year olds through interactive bite-sized videos

Why Become a Content Creator for the Twin app?

  • Inspire the next generation: By sharing your expertise & insight, you’ll empower the next generation and become part of change..
  • Develop your skills: At Twin, we’re all life-long learners! Communication, creativity, planning are all skills that you’ll develop while creating content for kids!
  • Generate additional income: We believe in growing together. This is why you’ll be compensated for your valuable work at Twin through a revenue-share model.

Follow this link for more information & apply: https://www.twinscience.com/en/become-a-content-creator/