Cairneagle is an independent strategy consulting firm focused on education. We provide commercial decision support to our clients by bringing structure, insight and judgement to situations of uncertainty. Our clients are chief executives and boards of educational institutions and companies supplying services to the sector, as well as private equity firms.

Each successive project reinforces our depth of industry expertise, extensive professional network, and sophisticated understanding of the nuances of the sector, equipping us to offer clients high-quality advice on the opportunities and challenges they face. This has enabled Cairneagle to grow to be a leading independent consultancy completing more than 400 projects in the education space, with over half of them having an international element.

Cairneagle has been also recognised for its high-quality work by receiving the EducationInvestor award as best Consultants to the Education Sector in the years 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2021.

Beyond the project work, Cairneagle is providing wider support to the education sector, including the initiation of a Childcare Covid Crisis working group, and pro-bono work to a charitable education trust and publishing two market reports – on the EdTech and childcare spaces – that Cairneagle was the co-author and author of, respectively.

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