Launchpad Terms and Conditions


  1. BESA Membership Renewal Rules
    1. Articles of Association
      • Launchpad subscription shall be governed at all times by the Articles of Association.
      • These subscription rules will act as supplemental to the Articles of Association.
    2. Membership
      • Launchpad subscription will commence as provided for in the Articles of Association – that is ‘when the necessary membership documentation is completed, and (the BESA Executive) Council accepts that candidate as a member’.
    3. Renewals
      • Launchpad subscription will renew on a 12 monthly basis unless the company provides written notice to cancel their subscription within 15 days of receiving their renewal invoice.
      • If a Launchpad subscriber does not provide BESA with notice that they wish to cancel their subscription before or within 15 days of receiving their renewal invoice , the subscriber will be contractually bound to pay the yearly subscription fee- in its entirety and without exception- for the next annual period.
      • The launchpad subscriber’s access to membership benefits will be suspended until payment of this fee is received. The schedule of payments by which this fee must be paid will be determined exclusively by BESA. In no circumstance will suspension of membership remove the Launchpad subscriber contractual liability to pay they yearly subscription fee in its entirety for the next annual period.
      • Once the Launchpad subscriber has paid this fee according the schedule determined by BESA, they will once again be entitled to exploit the full benefits of their membership at liberty.
  1. Membership Fees
    1. Any customer in breach of the BESA Membership Renewal Rules or agreed repayment terms will be liable for any and all costs in recovery including Debt Collection Agency fees @ 20% of the balance due, interest @8% above Bank of England base rate and late payment compensation under the Late Payments Act 1998.
  2. Duration of these Subscription Rules
    1. These rules shall apply and be binding on all members until such time as they are revoked or amended, or substitute rules approved in all cases through the adoption of a resolution to this effect by the Council.