by William Prieto-Parra, Head of Events, BESA

Bett Asia and the Great British Classroom – Back to school!

For the second year running, BESA’s Great British Classroom (GBC)  initiative took place at the Bett Asia show. Reproducing a British classroom on the exhibition floor, local students in both primary and secondary took part, as well as Special Educational Needs children, and there even was a CPD class for trainee teachers.

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Brazil Big business opportunities despite a labyrinth of import taxes

In early May our International Manager, William Prieto-Parra, led a mission of four UK suppliers to Brazil for the international conference Bett Brazil. Here he shares his insights on the big business opportunities that lie in Brazil for educational companies.

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Five things to know before going to the L&T Expo

As September is upon us, educators and education specialists from all over the world are getting ready for a series of international gatherings. One of these is the Learning and Teaching Expo 2017 (L&T Expo), taking place in Hong Kong between 13-15 December. Now in its eighth year, the L&T Expo has become the best … Continued

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Indonesia, a new Asian education hub?

As soon as one steps off the plane at Jakarta International Airport, one can see the large-scale infrastructure changes Jakarta is going through at the moment. The Asian Development Bank estimates that Asia needs at least US$3.6 trillion to meet the needs of the growing population in the region. Next year, from 18 August 2018, … Continued

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Mexico and Latin America: education markets on the other side of the pond, definitely worth the effort

With support from the Department for International Trade, BESA is organising a trade mission to Mexico in the lead up to the international event Bett LatAm, in mid-October.

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Myanmar today, opportunities tomorrow!

Myanmar was long seen as a lost state while under the rule of a repressive military junta from 1962 to 2011. Hardly any dissent was allowed, highlighted by the house arrest of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was accused gross human rights abuses. The move led to international censure and sanctions.

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UK education suppliers in the US market

Last month, William Prieto-Parra, BESA’s Head of Events – UK & International, went to the ISTE Conference with Caroline Wright, BESA’s Director General, and 18 UK education companies. Committed to supporting UK education suppliers in their export ventures, William explains here how he worked with them at the conference and what he learnt from it.

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Vietnam: one of the most vibrant economies in Asia

Vietnam has made rapid economic progress since launching its first major economic reforms in 1986. It continues to develop from a low-cost labour economy to a high value, high-quality enterprise marketplace. Vietnam is forecast to be one of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the next few decades.

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Viva Mexico! – Mission & Bett LatAm

Welcome to Mexico, one of the largest markets in Latin America. Mexico’s GDP per head is larger than the rest of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Its market is about the same size as the whole of Western Europe with a population over 120 million with 10% in Mexico City. Mexico’s economy … Continued

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